Saniteq contactless freestanding sanitiser station


✔️ Contactless and rechargeable 1200ml dispenser included
✔️ Upto 2000 uses from one single charge!
✔️ No need to keep replacing batteries
✔️ Protect customers, staff and visitors
✔️ “Sanitise hands here” text

✔️ Easy to install
✔️ Easy to refill
✔️ Freestanding
✔️ Attractive sleek design
✔️ Encourages staff and visitors to sanitise hands
✔️ Versatile and light
✔️ Can be placed in any location
✔️ Made in the UK



Ensure your business is compliant with government guidelines by installing a contactless freestanding hand sanitiser dispenser station from Saniteq. You can say goodbye to annoying battery changes every week, our hand sanitiser station has an integrated dispenser that features a lithium battery capable of producing up to 2000 uses per charge. Easy to refill and install they can be placed anywhere within your business, ensuring staff and visitors have easy access to hand sanitising gel at all times.

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Please note:
USB plug required to charge the dispenser (not included)
Sanitiser gel available to purchase separately