CleanKiddies contactless freestanding sanitiser station


✔️ Integrated automatic rechargeable dispenser
✔️ Great for schools, nurseries, soft play and learning centres
✔️ Attractive colourful design
✔️ Encourages children to wash hands

✔️ Easy to install
✔️ Easy to refill
✔️ Freestanding
✔️ Strong and sturdy

✔️ Versatile and light
✔️ Can be placed in any location
✔️ Easy to use 3 step instructions



Protect your pupils, visitors and staff with the CleanKiddies freestanding contact less hand sanitiser station. Featuring an integrated large capacity automatic rechargeable hand sanitiser gel dispenser the CleanKiddies sanitising station is tough, versatile and easy to use which makes it the perfect sanitising solution for use in schools, nurseries, play centres, learning centres, sports centres and more!

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Please note:
USB plug required to charge the dispenser
Sanitiser gel available to purchase separately